20 9 / 2014

Content Marketing Is Not Dead (Or Dying) – Unless It’s Useless
Business 2 Community
It seems that within months of the term “content marketing” entering our lexicon, pundits are ready to kill it off. The general consensus is that as more marketers jump on the content marketing bandwagon, we will all become so overwhelmed that we will …


19 9 / 2014

Entrepreneur (blog)

Integrated Content Marketing Cuts Down on Blogs to Diversify Content
The Content Standard by Skyword
These findings suggest that, while still a relevant medium, blogging is sharing space and resources with other content channels as integrated content marketing strategies take on greater prominence. Even though blogging has become less prevalent among …
Content Marketing Tips For Small-To-Mid-Size CompaniesMediaPost Communications
11 tools that make content marketing a snapiMedia Connection
Successful Content Marketers Do These 5 Things DifferentlyEntrepreneur (blog)

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19 9 / 2014

What Makes B2B Event Marketing Work?
The world of B2B marketing is always changing, but one thing that will never change is the power of a face-to-face event. I’ve had the privilege over the past few weeks of chatting with a number of leading minds on the subject of B2B events and wanted …


19 9 / 2014

Feature: Kenya turns to social media to promote tourism
According to Rwese, whose agency deals with social media marketing, youngsters are silent brand ambassadors who play a pivotal role in influencing some family financial decisions. “They can easily steer a family vacation to Disneyland, or a kayaking …

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19 9 / 2014

Don’t Forget to Invest in Content (Not Just “Content Marketing”)
Search Engine Watch
More and more clients are beginning to understand the benefits of content marketing. Sitting at the table, I’ve found I’m having a far easier time “selling” clients on the importance of creating that culture video, putting together that marketing ebook …


19 9 / 2014

Business 2 Community

Put The Marketing Back Into Content Marketing
Business 2 Community
In short, content marketing is “soft core” marketing. But it’s still marketing. You need to ask for some kind of action. So, just as you are going to identify a mission for every piece of content you create, your must ask for an action from the content …


19 9 / 2014

11 tools that make content marketing a snap
iMedia Connection
In the world of online marketing, content is king. (We’re all familiar with the phrase Gary Vaynerchuk coined at the 2008 Blog World Expo, and yet, six years later, it still applies.) In fact, research from the Content Marketing Institute and …
Executive Insights: Getting your content publishedPuget Sound Business Journal (Seattle) (blog)

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19 9 / 2014

Industrial Marketers: Stop Ignoring Social Media and Get Ahead of Your …
Social media marketing often appears irrelevant to companies in the industrial and manufacturing sectors. While the value of this channel is well-established in b-to-b verticals such as SaaS (software as a service) and business services, industrial …

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19 9 / 2014

Search Engine Land

Is Content Marketing Destroying SEO?
Business 2 Community
Ever since content marketing emerged on the scene several years ago, people have been predicting the demise of search engine optimization. Currently, SEO still holds an important place in bringing visitors to your landing page. But while these claims …
The importance of content marketingBizcommunity.com
Digital Innovators: Marketing Is Now Democratized Said NYU Adjunct ProfessorHuffington Post
5 Profitable Ways to Build Links to E-Commerce WebsitesSearch Engine Journal
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19 9 / 2014

MarketingProfs.com (subscription)

Making Connections in B2B Marketing: Uthpala Kumara Talks to Marketing …
MarketingProfs.com (subscription)
Uthpala Kumara is head of sales at JKCS, a software engineering company based in Sri Lanka, with domain expertise in aviation and hospitality industries. I invited Uthpala to Marketing Smarts to discuss B2B marketing strategy for companies operating in …